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women in war

, 12:01pm

Publié par Carol Mann



This independent association was founded and registered in Paris in February 2008 by four researchers in sociology, history and law based in Paris and London, feminists united by their fight against the injustices of war and conflict.

The association is represented by women’s rights activists, historians and sociologists in different war zones.

We view academic research not as an end in itself but as a means to change the conventional thinking of women’s role during wars and conflict, through study of past and present. This includes research on wars of the past to develop a gendered approach to history, especially on the Two World Wars and the Holocaust.

Furthermore, this research is designed to serve aid programmes, learn from grass-roots experiences and organizations in order to further progressive change towards women’s rights, especially for post-war reconstruction.

Our aim is the study of women in war and conflict situations in the widest possible perspective and through every channel, taking into account cultural, social, historical, religious, health issues with a view to defending women’s rights and dignity.

This includes:

Collecting and recording women’s experiences during war and strife

Making sure this information is circulated through the media and other creative means.

Setting up the study of women and conflicts as a separate course of research in national institutions and universities

Organizing seminars and conferences bringing together sociologists, anthropologists, historians, specialists in Human Rights and Aid and war-affected women in conflict zones

Setting up an international institute to centralize research on this theme

Which means working with

Universities worldwide, especially in war and conflict zones

National and International Aid organizations

Women’s organizations in war and conflict zones


women in war