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Carol Mann

, 11:54am

Carol Mann has been working for nearly twenty years on issues linked to gender and contemporary warfare. First as a researcher and consultant, author of numerous articles and books and also as director of a humanitarian agency FemAid based in Paris (founded in 2000) which has projects for women and children in war zones. She taught the first course on gender and armed conflict in Paris I in 2008, before lecturing on the subject at Sciences Po since spring 2013. She has taught seminars on gender in Kabul University, the University of Kisangani as well as Paris and London. Practical experience of ‘difficult’ countries with a hand-on approach to aid (wartime Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Azerbaidjan, DR. Congo) serves to reinforce any kind of theoretical approach, one feeding from the other. Many of her articles can be found online, both in English and French. Recent publications include: Femmes dans la guerre (1914-1945) (Pygmalion, Paris 2010) Femmes afghanes en guerre (Le Croquant, Paris, 2010)

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